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Starry Night

Cold darkness

By Inkstoryy_blogPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

(Terrible accident on elves street)

(All alone memories gone as love said good bye, My love is in a place my hands can't reach)

Holding a gaze at a chromatic velvet sky

Heads up high

Your love stares in my eyes

Passion flies, the perfect time is nigh

The journey is more than perfect

Lost in a cool breezy atmosphere

Dew settles, twilight transects

The skies, a charming portrait it paints

It's gloomy and seemingly dark

When nights light don't shine bright

Her eyes sparkles like the moon, so white

Lurking in my peaceful mind

The heroine in my midnight dream

Disappeared as the morning came by

Wake me up with memories retrieved

Make up for not saying goodbye

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