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Stardust in our Cells

by Allyssa Izetta 8 months ago in surreal poetry
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remembering we're everything

Stardust in our Cells
Photo by NASA on Unsplash


when you feel heavy

or greater than your body,

the subatomic particles

that make up your physical being

were not created in the womb.

You’ve already been

all over the Universe.

Stardust in our cells.

Siblings to the ocean,


and air.

What trees breathe out,

we breathe in.

When we eat,

the earth becomes us.

New molecules are constantly

cycling through us

and each tiny particle

that makes up each molecule

carries within it

its own story.

Its own past.

Before you were born

you already held



and experiences

from beyond the “time”

we will ever know.

surreal poetry

About the author

Allyssa Izetta

soundbath & reiki practitioner. intuitive energy worker. dancer. i write to try and make sense of the beautiful mystery that is life. explore more of my work: www.fluid-stillness.com, IG: @fluid.stillness

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