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"Should I have even started?"

By Josh MorganPublished 16 days ago 1 min read
Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

i remember where i started but,

did someone move the finish line?

how'd i come so far, and have so far to go?

i'm running

without much purpose left

low on patience

i'm running

out of stamina

out of hope

does this marathon have an end?

is anyone waiting for me there?

how can i be,

so close, and yet

so far

the hourglass is stopped, but,

i'm running

out of time, still

i'm running

out of stamina

out of reasons,

to continue

the sidelines are empty

is anyone waiting at the finish line?

look me in the eye and say i'm not alone

i've come so far, and still, have so far to go

should i have even started?

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About the Creator

Josh Morgan

I began writing as a means of expressing creativity, relieving stress, and venting emotions. I mention my daily battle with mental health a lot, I hope it is relatable and inspiring to readers, as writing is something I'm passionate about.

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  • Kayleigh Fraser ✨15 days ago

    Very relatable! And to answer that question left with us…. YES!!!! Yes, yes, yes! 🙌 we fall down to understand… then we rise in appreciation to receive…. Keep going ❤️

  • Thomas Terry16 days ago

    keep on running! you got this

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