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Let's talk about stains for a minute

No no

Not those

Not the ones on your new couch or an old t-shirt

Or the ones from the makeup running down your cheeks

The ones inside

There are stains in all of us

They aren't exactly scars

But they still bother you sometimes

You think it's okay, then you see the stain

It bothers you, it might even hurt to remember how it got there

But it's only a stain

It's not a rip or tear

Not a break or shatter

It's only

A stain

A stain that you will see forever, it will never heal like a scar

Sometimes you can scrub hard enough and it will fade, but you will always remember it being there

It sinks into your memory like a bad dream

Or maybe even a good one

Stains will always be around, even with the hardest cleaning

Even though they may seem gone,

Stains always bubble to the surface

Waiting to be seen again

Stains are forever

sad poetry
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