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by Sid Aaron Hirji 2 months ago in heartbreak
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living with trauma

Photo by Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash

Trying to find the time and means to heal,

Wondering why I can’t process my ordeal.

The fact that I’m hurt and broken inside,

Makes life seem like a hellish ride.

I feel like I have been a victim of fraud.

Being vulnerable made my moral judgement flawed.

Weak in mind I listened to every word they’d say,

Promising forever then walking away.

Developing so many relationships in life only to relapse,

Reflecting back on how they came and went so fast.

Unable to share feelings with many making me contrived,

Sometimes it seems all life’s happiness I am deprived.

Yet looking on a different note,

In my heart there is no doubt,

That I have true friends who exist,

And look after me even with gloominess amidst.

As much as I may fall,

I can always get up and stand tall,

My being is filled with strength and hope,

May not seem much but it is enough for the time being to cope.


About the author

Sid Aaron Hirji

Canadian born man who finds literature and science equally fascinating.

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