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spun out

by jake c 4 months ago in surreal poetry
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and even more lonely days, wondering

spun out
Photo by Dana Luig on Unsplash

Empty fights

Pointless nights

Unheard words

Leave us absurd

Hopelessly spun out


The worst for me is these lonely days

Stuck here wondering

And out all alone

Without a friend

To handle yourself


Visions of vagabonds reigning supreme

Float about an outlaws dream

Waking up the very next day

To find his car to be taken away

Left now, all alone

In a world all his own


The restless souls of abject poverty

With weary lust and no place to be

Except the curb only known as home

With a worn out blanket

And another one in tow

barking, searching for release

theres nothing here, go look east

A fisherman and his apprentice

Coax you into joining their racket

Promising salvation for your soul

Which you will find

Just after(beyond) the toll

Cry, beg, but you will not find your peace

Its over there, in a vat of grease

surreal poetry

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jake c

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