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Spring in Hell

QVV's May Spring Poetry Challenge

By Kayleigh Fraser ✨Published 25 days ago Updated 25 days ago 1 min read
Spring in Hell
Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

there are no separate seasons

on the island of devils and demons

where parasites of burning sands

spill endless poison tainting lands

and fires rage on untamed

scalding and scorching

the emotionally maimed

there is no summer

no winter, no fall

no spring flowers

no seasons at all


Written for the QVV Spring Challenge to write a poem about what Spring looks like where you are.

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About the Creator

Kayleigh Fraser ✨

philosopher, alchemist, writer & poet with a spirit of fire & passion for all things health & love related 💫

“When life gives you lemons,

Know you are asking for them.

If you want oranges, focus on oranges”


INSTAGRAM - kayzfraser

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Comments (5)

  • Oneg In The Arctic11 days ago

    Wow. There is so much heat in your words. So much emotion and fire.

  • Dana Crandell22 days ago

    So, you've been to Texas? LOL This was intense, Kayleigh! Excellent!

  • Christy Munson24 days ago

    As my husband would say to me after reading something like Old Fear, "It's so happy!" I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  • Gosh this was so poignant and intense! Loved your poem!

  • Well-wrought! Researching something entirely unrelated today, I learned that Origines, one of the early Christian, postulated Hell as a place where people were put through trial to be redeemed, and only later, in the sixth century, did it become official doctrine to consider it a place of eternal and unredeemable torment. I know the former to be true. The fire purifies. Never trust the ideologues. Hell... ahem... don't even trust me. Just never give up on the self!

Kayleigh Fraser ✨Written by Kayleigh Fraser ✨

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