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Sports is why I love you

a poem

By Anastasia KarelPublished 3 years ago Updated 3 years ago 1 min read
a musician's shoes

This poem is dedicated to my dear friend Matt Vohr, who once said the opening line to me. I hope he can see this from wherever he may be.

"Sports is why I love you"

Not the game but the album by

Huey Lewis & the News

It’s a way to go back

From the Heart of Rock & Roll

To the Honky Tonk Blues

I found a home in rock & roll

A place where I belonged

One that’s hard to ever lose

My place isn’t on the stage

But right in front of it

The diehard fan staring at musicians’ shoes

same musician, different shoes

Virtual streaming filled the need

From being alone to

Being one of many views

I was "walking on a thin line"

Fed up with myself

Thinking that I had to choose

But I followed my heart

And landed in Cleveland

Where I paid my dues

My heart for rock and roll is still beating

Giving me a reason

To turn the page anew


About the Creator

Anastasia Karel

I’m an archivist by trade, and creator the rest of the time! I love to tell stories about the places I’ve been and things I do.

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