Spiritual Awakening by Kenneth Poeticninja Davis

New Life

Spiritual Awakening by Kenneth Poeticninja Davis

A new year im focused,

clean slate

or so it seems

this is unlike no other dream

ive chased,

pardon my mistakes

set to humiliate...


im nowhere near a perfectionist,

gave me some time to recreate,

while im living among separatist,

not by choice

herded like cattle

to meet the butcher,

they'll sharpen their blades

and part you like waves

before they cook ya,

thats the system

a false depiction

of heaven sent Seraphims

Angels with dirty faces

you couldnt miss them

appalling, to many uncanny

withraw from the vanity

style fantasy

unbeknownst, provoked to insanity,

therefore peace becomes

nothing more

than a cloak for calamity


like an aftermath disaster

with no relief effort

to greet and meet,

increase in violence,

the heartless proclaim

survival of the fittest methods,

a followers adaptation

with no increase in awareness,

and lack in preparedness

find a better way to compute

in a manner i find astute


acquired throughout the years

compiled a mass assortment,

while so many become dormant,

attracted to a lavishsatire,

like moths drawn by the flame,

unaware of the fire

which engulfed you entirely,

harboring the beast

unleashed, lo key

discreet like shinobi,

eviscerate you

while you oversleep

and never seek morning,

the Lord of the Flies

in disguise

a wolf among sheep,

wield a cunning attribute

lurk in your gardens

and go beserk

present you a smirk

before death may come crawling

from the crevices

on behalf of the heretics

who let em in

and dont mind the presence

they have with him,

devoted apprentice cadaverous

slam poetry
Kenneth Davis
Kenneth Davis
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