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A Poem

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Today is not going my way,

which is not good but okay

I'm not going to be mad

Or stand in my own way

I'm going to be fine,

I'm going to be okay

It's not my fault,

what else can I say?

Unless it was something I said,

that caused my dismay.

Did I say something mindless?

Did someone's nerves fray?

From my nature so clueless,

What did I say?

I can't remember,

It was too early today.

I didn't sleep well last night.

What did I say?

Or was it something I did?

The way that I walked?

Did I annoy them

with how much I talked?

Did I not talk enough?

Did I interupt?

What did I do?

I want to throw up.

Oh dear God!

I did it again!

Why do I mess up,

everything in the end?

I am so stupid

I do this all the time

Messing up always

I'm not doing fine

Will they ever speak to me

after what I said?

After the things I did?

I need to go to bed.

I just want to sleep

and never wake up.

I don't deserve to live

I'm just a screw up

An embarrassment

A shame

A blemish on the world

A mistake in a flesh sack

A failure to grow up

Common sense's flaw

A regret of humanity

A disgusting excuse of life

A walking disaster

A wrong that can never be made right

My heart is beating faster

It was just a mistake

One tiny oops

Calm down, don't shake

It was a simple whoops

Pick yourself back up

Get out of your bed

Continue with the day

And remember it's all in your head

sad poetry
Kendall Earl
Kendall Earl
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