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spilling thoughts,

by jake c 4 months ago in surreal poetry
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and the cackling stardust

spilling thoughts,
Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Spoonfuls of thought full

Catching words without stall

Hooked into the ones behind

Like crooked empty crossroads of the mind

Bent lenses that try to make

Mended lights that cannot break

Neon worlds toll in time

To the tune of stolen love-in-kind

Wayward sounds fall short

As if they could even sort

Half of whatever we extort

From our experience(s), uncorked


Hopeless, gargantuan flamingos grieve

racecars scream into their wings

But the ones trying to leave

Cannot hear anything they don’t believe

Now the screen stares so blankly

The glow of his his face reflects

In a business mans flask

That begs to ask

What is it he really expects

Galaxies laugh in your face

But you cannot help but bemoan


surreal poetry

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jake c

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