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by Hannah Moon 5 years ago in sad poetry
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Under our beds, or just in our heads?

Under our beds, or just in our heads

The memories and thoughts have changed us instead

For the ones that we fear have come so near

And they bind us with unbreakable thread

The tangled sheets, where the nightmares meet

And the horrors come out to play

Our hearts beat astray, as we await the light of day

We lay in bed and try as we may

The unbreakable thread remains unbroken

And once we are awoken, it seems to fade away

Children play and find a way to express the feelings with in

As we grow to play is wrong and we’re told, that feelings

Are not meant to show.

Keep it inside, wipe the tears from your eyes

As society kicks us down, and yet we aren't allowed to frown.

Our smiles are bound by the same thread, but we keep it in our heads

For if we speak, we’re taken as weak

So our thoughts go unheard, and we don’t say a word

Fear runs through our heads

We lay awake in our beds, and we dream about being dead instead

In a world without words where our voices go unheard, the regret of things we never say, hearts gone hard and astray with doubt

Don’t be torn apart by the things you haven't said…

To be weak is to be silent

So speak….

sad poetry

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Hannah Moon

Art is never finished, only abandoned.

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