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Space Invasion

A Poem by Chasey Delaney

By Chasey DelaneyPublished 5 months ago 1 min read
Space Invasion
Photo by Leslie Jones on Unsplash

Space Invasion

My inner world is basic

It's quiet now

No chatter no hindrance

No intrusive thoughts

Just ideas and a fizzing

Old thoughts receding

Rather too quickly

But an urge to create

A babbling creek of


My outer world amidst

of a consistent humming

Coming from my company

While he is contented

Distracted Then so am I

We are ships in the night

Both beacons of light

Always connected

By satellite

So when he is drunken

The last can been sunk

He switches to me

He's a vacuum of energy

That puts me on edge

Alluring me to an alertness

That my biological clock

Rewarding me, missed

It's that feeling of responsibility

You get when keeping a

Little kid alive and

Sort of entertained

The slow stress gently

Releasing into a build up

Of anxieties and just

Needing that time away

Back to yourself your

Inner peace and sanctuary

Recharge the source

When the real meat

of how he speaks

Is neither nourishing

Or sustainable

It boils down to nothing

it's a waste of my

increasing exhaustion

I'm wound up tightly like

A fucking pickled onion

I look forward to the

Time when he winds down

In the bedroom snacking

On cheap crisps called

(ironically) "Space Raiders"

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About the Creator

Chasey Delaney

I am a relatively happy-go-miserable, female age 41 from Manchester, UK. I'm in a lifelong relationship triangle with my soulmate, myself and my schizophrenia. IG: chaseydelaney7. Sign up for a Free Email Newsletter: chaseyd.substack.com.

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  • Test5 months ago

    Chasey Delaney your poem is a powerful and evocative exploration of the complexities of human relationships. I

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