The Final Frontier


Space, man.

"The final frontier"

Except who has time to look at the sky

When I'm stuck dealing with the right here?

I don't think about the stars anymore

I don't look at them at night

I couldn't see them anyway

Past all the noise and city light.

And I just want some room to breathe

I just want some space for me

I can't think about Mars and Saturn

When I can't find a place to be.

Every apartment is too expensive

And every room is too damn small

Don't tell me I'm not looking

'Cause man, I've seen them all.

I get laughed at for my car

Always being a huge mess

But it's because I don't have space

And all that shit back there is stress.

I just need some time to think

I just need a little silence

But there are so many demands on my time

Pushing me to violence.

Stop touching my body,

Stop crowding me in.

Stop stealing my time from me.

Stop wearing me thin.

I need space to stretch my arms out

I need time to ease my mind

I need air to fill my lungs with

I need dark to feel aligned.

I wonder if the stars miss me

Since I have left them all alone

I wonder if they call to me

Beckoning me home.

I have no time for wonder now

I have no time for awe

I limp ever onward

Into life's gaping maw.

performance poetry
Paige Graffunder
Paige Graffunder
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Paige Graffunder

Paige is an administrative and HR professional in Seattle, as well as a contributor to several local publications around the city, focused on politics, business, satire, and internet sub-culture.

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