Soul Windows

by Amargeaux Rai 2 months ago in excerpts

A poem from the poetry book, "Kiss Me or Kill Me, But Please Set me Free!" By Amargeaux Rai; pg. 102

Soul Windows
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I want to look people in the eye.

Look for one second

We're Strangers.

Two seconds

We're Acquaintances.

Three seconds

We're friends.

Four seconds

We're close.

Five seconds

We're lovers.

Most people are afraid

To be more than strangers.

To them, it's offensive

To be more than acquaintances.

They live in a world

Where there are no friends,

Just people who know

How to get close just enough to,

For a little while,

Pretend to be lovers,

Conning other out of yet another piece of their heart.

They keep themselves on a shelf

Because they're afraid to show that they can cry.


I respect that.

I also know that I'm not one of those

Horrible people.

I want people to know that.

That, and that I'm not the only one.

Not the only one

To live

To Love

Not the only one

To get hurt

To get back up.

And I will





Never ever EVER

Turn around

And dish the evil

That was given to me.

My heart is stronger than that.

And if there's one like me, there's more.

I want people to know that.

And the best way to do that

Is through the courteous love

Of looking another in the eye.



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Amargeaux Rai
Amargeaux Rai
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