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Soul Speaking

by Jasmine Darcell about a year ago in surreal poetry
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I Need You to Listen...

You don’t know you like you do If I told you that I knew Where you’re going is not true Let it live a lie in you

A break in the ground You will step over It will not serve you Don’t be alarmed if the lie is you

You think you know what that is Love don’t live there You can feel what is Love don’t live there

You tug at the you that’s use to a lose But truth lies who and what pulls out the Messiah in you

Build up his armor Prepare him for battle Lay a kiss on his lips to protect him from rivals

But loss is the enemy Her pussy stronger Pulls him in quicker Before he falls to her scent Knee deep on the battlefield What he thought was death was truly meant

She will always show up White dress holding his sword Taking by where he thinks he should be Beside him she kneels With a smile on her face What she reveals

King I know you don’t know what to do You’re weaken by the unknown Push through the beauty before you

Remember who you are Open your eyes to see Remember where you have come It’s not right if she can not take a knee

~Jasmine Darcell

“Don’t love what doesn’t serve you”

surreal poetry

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Jasmine Darcell

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