Sonnet Ten...


Sonnet Ten...


My demons are the ones who hold me tight

Telling me everything's okay, there's no need to fright

I cling onto them, as though I am a lost child

Holding back the tears and the cold, hard bile.

They whisper in my ear that I shouldn't worry

Causing my heart to race, my vision to be blurry

I'm not sure what to feel when it comes to things I can't bear

So I let them take hold and open the stitches, making them tear.

I hold back the tears, afraid of what they might do

Knowing that they know, that all I wanted was you

You, who I let go without a second thought

Now I am suffering from the pain that I brought.

My demons tell me I shouldn't love who you are in my mind

But how can I stop, when I'm continuing to follow this line?


surreal poetry
Kylee Cheyanne
Kylee Cheyanne
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Kylee Cheyanne

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