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Sonnet: Foot at the Base of the Mountain

Continuous semi-parodies of body-part sonnets

By Rob AngeliPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
A shoe

Like a mountaintop thunderstorm I write

to patronize and Petrarchize over your foot

yes your foot/ which is where my verses end

just like the way the mountain’s thunderstorm

rushes to its base/ so the earthen dew

beneath your toe and plant of the pod stand

pedicured in clammy cave of shoe-pot

registering each step as the imprint on

the bottom of your sock that once was white

All this gets praised by my poetry when you

walk your easy graceful walk/ grounded in the dirt

your feet felt the foundation of roots steeped

in mud/ at the base of the mountain

wind-swept kiss placed on the tip of your toe

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About the Creator

Rob Angeli

Experimental poetry and prose; fixed-form free-fall, endeavor to produce a multi-sourced and multiform jubilee of various objects and emotional stances. And free for all, so step right up.

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  • Real Poetic4 months ago

    Well put together! 👏🏼

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