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Sometimes Love

by Monsoor Ali 3 years ago in sad poetry

Not What You Expected: A Reflection of the Dark Side of Love

I don't have to forgive you,

I don't have to agree with you,

I don't have to enable you, and I don't have to adore you in order to prove to you that I love you.

Sometimes loving you is letting you fall and letting you fail so that you can learn and so that you can feel.

Sometimes loving you is calling you out on your bullshit and not tolerating your abuse, exploitation, and manipulation.

Sometimes loving you is leaving you alone so that you can understand and appreciate what it means to be together.

Sometimes love is saying no… And sometimes goodbye…

sad poetry
Monsoor Ali
Monsoor Ali
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Monsoor Ali

I am an artist, writer, teacher, producer, activist, and student of life...Based in Washington DC.

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