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by cookie foot 4 years ago in surreal poetry
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Eh, Most of the Time

Sometimes I can’t breath

my lungs become a showcase,

to the air that I ignore.

I wrestle with my thoughts

and irony always takes the belt

Sometimes I think about death

I think the best way to die,

is to die ignorant of death.

To die without yet meeting death or shaking her hand

To die,

not knowing that your mind doesn't wonder forever.

Die grasping onto the straws,

Where life doesn't end,

death just begins.

Not to think of the end

as somewhere on a clock,

but more of a place that doesn't exist.

Deny the fact that we all die,

and accept the fact that life can go on

in the eternity hidden between seconds.

Don't count down,

don't answer when death's knuckles

rhythmically pound on the door.

Don't ever say goodbye,

sometimes say hello.

Sometimes I can't breathe,

but always I can die.

surreal poetry

About the author

cookie foot

writing is my therapy don't bully me

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