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Something Rare

by Erika Ravnsborg

By Erika RavnsborgPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Something Rare
Photo by Arnold Leow on Unsplash

To feel your heart fill with joy

knowing that it isn't a decoy.

You think you're bored, buttercup

Then you get the up and up

Fun and games lift your spirits

You have gained all new merits.

It seems so small when you read it

but to the owner you have to see it.

Gone is the boredom and free of care

You have just realized something rare.

Happiness has come from within you

However it came, hold onto it true.

surreal poetrysocial commentaryinspirational

About the Creator

Erika Ravnsborg

Erika Ravnsborg is a writer/blogger/adventurer/explorer living in Canada. Her goal is to travel all over the world and write amazing stories about it. Find more of her adventures at https://www.magicalstoriestoshare.com/

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