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Someone to come home to

by Dany Jean-Pierre 2 months ago in inspirational
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I don't have to do it alone anymore

It was hard being alive with a mind as loud as mine

Constant thoughts nothing could silence it

Things that normally would calm me only sped me up

When the family was talking about getting another dog

I was exhausted at the thought of it

Dogs were hyperactive and made me hypersensitive

Everything was always too much with a dog in the house

Even more than it always was

I didn’t even think of leaving with them to pick it up

I thought it would be easier to ignore you

Then it was my birthday and you were my gift

I was exhausted

Until you came out of the car

My mind was silent

Calm waters as you bounded towards me

Golden curls and brown eyes

Duke, you were just a puppy

Not even my age in dog years but you saw me before anyone else

You jumped onto me

My parents told me i had to share you

You didn’t know that

You attempted to only stay with me

When I wanted to sit and read

You rest your head in my lap

When I wanted to ride my bike

You would bring me your leash

When I was feeling low or sick

You would get excited and try to cheer me up

Chasing your tail and trying tricks

Anything to make me giggle

It worked as it always did

Your barks and talkative spirit always made everything else calm down

When I had to leave for a month for a trip

I was so worried you wouldn’t like me as much when I got back

But the second I pulled my car into the driveway

You came bursting out the door

Circling my parked car like you were trying to corner me

When I got out

You came rushing for me

Rubbing your face over every part of me you could reach

Soothing barks welcoming me home

I knew I was still your favorite

You would be there to comfort me when I got home


About the author

Dany Jean-Pierre

I started with libraries and now I’m trying to fill one with all of my own works.

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