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Your Comfort Zone

By Liza SpiridonPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 1 min read
Photo credit: Sami Takarautio

Where can one find true peace

A place away from stress

A place away from pain

Near the ocean

A calm can be found

Waves carry all worries away

With that tranquil sound

Coolness of the water

Rays of warmth

The world melts away

Near the forest

The mind is at ease

The world feels still

Surrounded by towering trees

The air feels serene

Remarkably fresh

Birds tweet from afar

Your thoughts mesh

We often get caught up

In the worries of life

We forget about ourselves

And take some time away

Whether you go alone

Or with someone you hold close

Find the time

To make your heart feel peace

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About the Creator

Liza Spiridon

CA/OR. I have degrees in Psychology, Criminal Sociology, am an RVT and empathic numerologist; I write from the heart, and about the paranormal. When I'm not writing I'm exploring hidden gems and reading about past lives and anomalies.

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  • Kat Thorneabout a year ago

    Great imagery!

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