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So You Have a God Complex?

by Cameron Cruser 10 months ago in surreal poetry
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So do I

I wish I could be so naive

So free from everything that surrounds me

And to be full of whimsy

But everytime they pray

Their greed and lust fills my mind

Making it impossible to see through their fog

How can I take care of myself

When everyone else needs me by beckon and call

I fall to my knees

Like your servant or underling

You’re on such a high pedestal

Despite your inability to nurse your own wounds

I can’t help but feel Unimportant to you

Just a bucket to be refilled and beaten

Until it can’t hold anymore booze

Filled with nooks and crannies that leave to

Breathing broken holes

That are so easily patched

To be hid from your eyes

So you don’t go out and buy something easier to utilize

I wish I could be seen

By others not just you or me

Seen as more than another object

Or at least an object worth something

I can’t help but feel on another pedestal

Though I’m rotting from inside

I must see myself as otherworldly

To believe in all your lies

To take in all of your plights

To breathe with all your smoke in the air

To return to you at night

To forgive you

To envy you

To want to be you

I’m fine I promise

Don’t worry about it

One day we’ll both learn to live

surreal poetry

About the author

Cameron Cruser


Aspiring Playwright


I hope you like poetry

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