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Smooth Sailing

Why can't my life be smooth sailing like yours?

By Morgan Rhianna BlandPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Smooth Sailing
Photo by Sandy Ravaloniaina on Unsplash

Some people glide through life

As if twirling across a glassy frozen pond

Silken existences unmarred by strife,

Never worried, never wronged

Some women like diamonds gleam

Glittering jewels around the necks of the elite

Polished, flawless, without crack or seam

Hardened, unbroken by defeat

Some faces fresh as a new dollar bill

Crisp and vibrant, without wrinkle or fold

Promise, like their wallets and bellies fulfilled

Their dreams their own, never bought and sold

Some people’s ships come in, golden yachts

Sailing on toward a brighter tomorrow,

Through calm crystal seas never fraught

With storms of hardship and sorrow

Others’ ships capsize in the storm, torn asunder

Cast adrift, bruised and battered on rocky shores

Marooned on my uncharted island, I wonder

Why can’t my life be smooth sailing like yours?

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About the Creator

Morgan Rhianna Bland

I'm an aroace brain AVM survivor from Tennessee. My illness left me unable to live a normal life with a normal job, so I write stories to earn money.

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