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smoke in mirrors

by Mike McClean 10 months ago in surreal poetry
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by Mike McClean

August 2020

ashes from a blunt verse

meet mixed lives keen

on loves hunt rehearsal

phoenix tries rising

seen but in reverse

will seem dry in heat

and cry in search of

legal means to try

discreet curse dispersal

sweet fertility lies

lean in courting

victory or defeat

thwarting gleaned

deceit until the

warnings worsen

having never been a

mourning person

call it home less

a heart warming

dedication to an

art form in wisps

of ghostly garments

roaming blackened

chest compartments

call it justice how it

dressed the part your

home is now a

stress departure

shoulders drag a

motive grappled free

from the purist gold

encrusted bag of

trash its votive hurt

and brush off that dirt

because it clashes

with the rust for giving

old yearning burnt to

ashes two ashes

and trust too dust

surreal poetry

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Mike McClean

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