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Smile of the Broken

When you wake up... is that it?

By Jaqueline GrenierPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Smile of the Broken
Photo by Ángel López on Unsplash

Smile of the Broken

He wakes up in the morning,

To see his face in the mirror.

He goes to the nearest coffee shop,

To get a cup of coffee.

He goes to work,

To pay his bills, rent and other things.

But why?

His heart is in the right place,

But it is broken

His mind is always focused,

But it is constantly on fire.

But his smile is the bright of the Sun.

His smile is the heart beat of the day.

So why does he feel sad?

His eyes are seeing everything and nothing at once.

So why is he so blind?

The truth behind his smile is that there is a storm,

There is so much but so little inside.

When his heart stops,

Will he go on?

Perhaps, when his time come he will know.

How can anyone understand?

The heart tells him he will be fine.

His mind tells him to be smart.

He can be smart.

He can be strong.

But he has to keep trying.

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About the Creator

Jaqueline Grenier

I always felt like there were colours all around my head, I needed a way to put them down into paper. Brain going 1000 mi per second, I can put down my thoughts with ease. With several books on the horizon, my future seems bright again.

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