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Slowly Tipping

by Poetic Glory 2 years ago in slam poetry


I’m slowly tipping

My mind is tripping

I don’t drink & I feel like drinking

Tired of flipping out

I’m tired & there is no doubt

How could I have allowed

Myself to fall out

To you it’s all about clout

To me it’s about protection

How can you not see the connection

Your actions are a reflection of whats inside

But why must I pay?

Do you think I’m a prey?

Sometimes I’m brave

Other times I sit there and I pray

Is it the attention that you crave?

While I want someone to save me

You’re seeking attention I never gave

And now you claim you can’t behave

slam poetry

Poetic Glory

Poetry is a form of expression and a form of healing.

It allows us to freely let our minds flow.

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Poetic Glory
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