Slow Motion

Spacious Skies

Slow Motion

i am slow motion

i am spacious skies and hidden valleys

i am pressure, building and building among the force of confusion

oh i am most certainly the confusion!

have you ever felt so lost you forgot what the problem was?

like mad blades stabbing the parts of your mind necessary to tell yourself whats wrong?

what is wrong?

oh i dont know, it just feels like every part of my skin is glass and sensations are rocks

those kids down the street cant help but break me

those trees down the road cant help but shatter me

that thought last night creeped back in and told me secrets i forgot, my heart forgot, and cant help but break that too

but thats always broken, so lets not worry too much about that

i am a cool glass of water, inches from your dry, cracked lips, but always in tension, that state of almost there yet never satisfied!

i am calm because i make myself calm, not for me, never for me, but always for you

why? because i love you too much to share the fact that i cant act a reasonably reasonable way

tell me why my emotions bounce and sway

tell me why nothing ever feels okay

that even amongst love and its play

chaos and chaos so eats me to grey!

they say relax

i say okay

and spent two hours trying to understand what the hell that word means

sad poetry
Nicholas Goodman
Nicholas Goodman
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Nicholas Goodman

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