Slipping Away

All goes dark.

Slipping Away

I felt the disease slowly creeping in

At first I thought that maybe it was just a sneeze

I carried on without another thought

Racing the sun

Trying to beat the heat before darkness fell through

By the end of it all

That sneeze had grown

Up into the temples

Past the membranes of the walls

That were built to keep unwelcomed things out

So I grabbed my back up army

In hope to chase away whatever was trying to seep through

When the back line fell

I chased for the bottle

Praying to numb the pain

From everything that had been lost

Keeping to myself

Wish for things to be well soon

I tried to hide the pain

Like confetti in a balloon

Successful at first

I let it go

Having fun

Singing along to the crowd in the room

You would of thought it was a festival

One that wouldn't end anytime soon

Swinging from the chandelier

Drink by drink

I let my guard down and decide to be kind

Took a stranger home

And pop

The confetti flows

All is dark

Like being locked in a hidden cavern

One that never sees the brightness of day

Not knowing where I am or where it is I am going

All I know is that I cannot touch the walls

Or I will surely be burned

Scarred by the touch

Even the echolocation of the bat has no grasp to even take hold

I am lost


In a web of mess

I hear a noise and turn around

Hitting the wall on my side and singeing ever piece that is held together

Aching in pain I try to hold it together

Not making one peep

No scream

Just holding my breath and waiting

Waiting to be found

I start to lose my conscious mind and drift away

Fading away in the darkness

Absorbed by the influences that shackled me into the black dark cavern

surreal poetry
Kayton Hickenlooper
Kayton Hickenlooper
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Kayton Hickenlooper

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