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Slaying Dragons

by Rachael J. Davis 2 months ago in childrens poetry

Let nothing stand in your way.

Writing on a wall that exudes the best of the world,

Challenging the status quo, breaking down the barriers.

Destroy, slay, beat and diminish those dragons in your life...

The dragon that rages within your darkest soul...

The dragon that wages against your destiny and goal.

Slay, destroy, beat and discourage those dragons that hold you back.

Keep your mentality set firm, burning like an arrow through the night.

Slice, mince, and keep in suspense the dragons that beg for your life.

Never entertain or give way to the dragons that would starve your soul...z

"Go slay the dragons!" is a cry from those who are now old.

"Go change this world!" Be something better for the future...is you.

childrens poetry

Rachael J. Davis

Writing is to share experiences within my own life. I use Vocal to promote my own lyrics and poetry more than anything else. Thank you for reading these simple poems and lyrics. https://lnk.bio/allisnotgold04

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Rachael J. Davis
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