Six Percent

Poetry for summertime

Six Percent

Six percent

Time is running out

I have drunk the elixir of youth

Hoping for some creativity and fun

Now I go down to the festival

Enjoying the music

And deep-fried food

It replenishes my palette

Six percent

I only have so much time to write

I know I’m full of life

From the elixir of youth

Time to go away

From the festival

After watching the sunset on the horizon

Of a rippling lake in the summer

Five percent

Almost the time to sleep

'Til she boosts me full of energy

And takes my hand to the fountain

The lake of utmost naturalness

Time to return home

Before I reach

Four percent

And my time for today

Is done.

surreal poetry
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Bethie Sanders

Hello, I'm just someone who gets caught up in her daydreams! Loves reading books, manga, poetry and telling stories of my own. I have ever since I was a little girl. It would mean the world if I can take someone away to imaginative worlds!

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