Sing Along to My Words

I have a tune you would want to listen to.

Sing Along to My Words

i bring you a tune of serenity,

relax nerves

i bring you truth

clarity you seek, confused

sing along to my words

i bring you authenticity

see me in base, no need to transform

i bring you…

a crazy caper of

words that i fire at supersonic speed,

not even he could keep with me

even if he had emeralds,

Saiyans couldn’t match up neither

Luffy not ready for the break,

Naruto couldn’t take it

surpass every limit they’ve ever put in front of me

doing thangs they said i would never do,

you just watch

i’m going to show you

say they’d never support me,

spat on my talent like they had bronchitis

called me trash, made fun of me

in front of the whole class

asking why’d i even write this

i was smiling on the outside,

fuming on the inside

ready to let my rage unfold

had to keep my cool though,

didn’t want anyone to see me

burst and explode

maintaining balance, wasn’t easily feasible

lost myself, almost destroyed

everything around me

took those Ls in that moment,

knowing that i would come back stronger

spent many nights and days barricaded

at my desk, improving the way that i let my words flow

they want to run free like a bunch of stray

dogs without anyone to tame them because they’re in the wild

i let all that snide stuff they said transform me

girls cracking jokes on me

telling me that they’ll never talk to me

even if i happened to be the last male on earth

depression creeping up on me,

family now falling apart

finances are dire, in danger of failing

became an entirely new person

almost didn’t recognize me,

pushing the envelope with that next

piece of work i see

forget sing alongs, i’m coming to the function to

bring body shots to the birthday boy

doesn’t matter how wide or tall you are,

words pack more weight than you

could ever put on, don’t get me

started on your Carl Wheezer faced self boy

Cardboard Jordans wearing boy

play that beat, get those phones out

start filming

i’mma show ya’ll how to do a lobotomy

my slugs on the mic are care intensive,

splices spleens

they’re that intense,

don’t you mess around

was that my all, pssh no

it was just a test, a G check

i’ll shock you if you want me to

feelin’ like voltage i fused poetry

n’ rap together, dag

why am I not in the booth yet

slam poetry
How does it work?
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