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Silver Wings

by Patti Marrs Magill 6 months ago in sad poetry

Her silver wings took her across baby blue skies and deep blue waters to see the world in all it's vivid color

for 22 years I flew from one end of the world to the next with my wings as credentials

I sit on the shelf. And wait.

What is my destiny

Am I to be dropped in a box

With other memories of youth and beauty

The petals of an old carnation, postcards, and

Ticket stubs my only companions

Perhaps I will be handed to daughter, then to Granddaughter

Like photographs, china settings and linens

Until at last I am in the hands of one who never knew her

Never knew the glamor, the adventure of

The one who wore me so proudly upon her uniform

Perhaps I shall remain in darkness

Until I am discovered by a yard sale pirate

I have no use to anyone

Now my silver turns brown with age

A mirror in reverse as her brown hair turns to silver

For now, …I sit on the shelf. And wait.

Leaving for Olbia 2011

sad poetry

Patti Marrs Magill

I am a retired Corporate Flight Attendant, pursuing a career in writing and commercial ad. I have 4 adult children, grandchildren, and live in California. I am one semester away from finsihing my college degree I started 45 years ago!

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Patti Marrs Magill
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