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In a gloomy mood and trying to get raindrops on the face but the sights and sounds dies as l get lost in thoughts

By Nitu HowladerPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

The clouds are all together

The trees are breaking crackers

As the wind is going crazy

But all the buildings remain lazy

My mind is going crazy

The winds all over the place

The rain is trying to touch my face

My hairs are slicing

The sky is icing

All blue leave me without clue

Something's happening behind my skin

Some inners (feelings) are not in my face (cause)

Some laws are forced to be faced

Now is one of the moments when

can't push more to be fake

heart so want to fly

Craving for thoughts is won over by the sight

Something that's true to me, to you can be a lie

All the deep sounds somehow die.

sad poetry

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Nitu Howlader

Rhythm Without Regulation

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    Nitu HowladerWritten by Nitu Howlader

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