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By theawkwardestwriterPublished 5 months ago 1 min read

The darkness of the room surrounds me,

As I sit quietly,

Listening to the empty sounds of nothingness,

I look around the vastness of the void,

My eyes drinking in the blinding lack of color,

Such sweet, sweet solitude,

And yet,

I am not alone,

There is a presence of such magnitude.

An anxious calm takes over,

Releasing me from the carelessness,

Of an easy life,

Without any stress.

How interesting,

The human mind,

It craves work, a struggle,

And yet, we are blind,

To our need for all the pieces of life's puzzle,

Not realizing that a lack of strife,

Makes the human condition rife,

With pain and anger.

The solution,

It's so simple,

Yet we complicate it.

Oh how I crave to sit in silence,

With that calming anxious presence.

surreal poetry

About the Creator


I love music, books, and poems. Poems are to express, stories to create, essays to expound, music to feel. This is a place for my writing to be shared, poem, essay, and short story alike. May you enjoy what this awkward writer has to share.

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