... They are there if you look for them.


I took a drive the other day,

Half the time, I did not know my way.

As my phone read No Service more times than I could count,

I dropped my phone in the cup holder and took a little walk about.

The serene mountain view across the water, the sun blindingly shining through,

The sky suddenly turned a jovial shade of meandering blue.

As I sat on the rock, upon the very top,

I was in my own very form of solitude and thought only positive thoughts.

I watched the ripples dance across the water as the wind suddenly grew stronger.

Now standing, the trees start whistling, as the path keeps twisting.

I look to the North, and begin to smile;

I look to the East, no sudden thoughts of regret or denial.

Alone in this mountain, alone in my mind,

One with nature, and for once to myself, kind.

As I wandered toward where the water began,

A white butterfly landed on my cold, right hand.

It lingered for a second, and then flew away,

And reminded me of the path the led me here, on this exquisite, sunny day.

nature poetry
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