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significance of

by Sophia Pandit about a year ago in surreal poetry
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finding meaning in the minuscule

significance of
Photo by Freya Ingva on Unsplash


it’s settled.

She speaks to me in a figurative tongue--

eluding to most, alluding for all.

a deity rather coy, beady-eyed,

slinking Her way up the confines of the mortal realm,

not unlike that damned recluse,

spindly thighs now a ribcage,

bound to stucco with silk.

or those thirteens nicking themselves into billboards,

a warning for the potholes in the road ahead.

i yearn for Her gunmetal gaze to melt,

mercury tears raining on clover fields,

each stem sprouting a fourth tender, kelly arm.

as a matter of fact,

i would pop every socket

and shred all pellucid vein

if it meant i could be left with its chlorofilled skeleton,

whose oracle bones must reveal splendid truths

of what’s to come.

surreal poetry

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Sophia Pandit


treating this like my second twitter account

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