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Sigil Synergy

by Alice Hampton Dickerson 3 months ago in art
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What happens when a symbol is created...?

Sigil Synergy

Sigil Synergy

What happens when a symbol is created with the intent to energize?

What will be the metrics of success? How can it fail?

Should it be infused with magic or is it magical enough?

Does it need to be beautiful to hold attention or is it just for the amusement of the creator?


“Sigils are magical tools to help clarify and focus energies in the manifestation of desires. It is believed that they have been created and used as tools for centuries.” Alice Hampton Dickerson

Sigil Synergy symbols are now available as “gas-free” NFTs on www.OpenSea.io; the world’s first and largest digital marketplace for NFTs. They can also be found on clothing and useful merchandise at www.Zazzle.com, www.Society6.com and www.CafePress.com.


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Alice Hampton Dickerson

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