Sightlines of Songbirds

A Spoken Word Poem

I am a fantasy monger

Hoarding in my hippocampus

All the dreams I lean upon

To get me through the day

Speaking of which

Here the hitch

I've found in the system

That twists at my wits

And lambasts

My bombastic ideas and ideals

The more ways you think of

To stretch the days

The faster the night creeps

And peeks in on your plans

To cut them short

Break down the fort you've built

To protect yourself

from the caustic material

that throws that second hand ever forward

Every day we fail a little more

To maintain homeostasis

Or keep ourselves off the floor

Our last resorts growing closer

By the minute

While we're in it

It's almost like a game of

"Are you nervous"

Yes, always

There are too many threats

For the frets of a guitar to calm

Too many peaks to climb

To reach the top

And find that

You scaled the wrong mountain

And it doesn't fix anything

But I'll keep imagining

Stocking up on better stories

Than the ones we might be living

To load up laughter

To drown out

The cacophony of catastrophe

Outside the door

Because maybe

The best defense against

the horror and gore

Is a smile,

Kind words,

And a mind full of songbirds

slam poetry
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Natalie Schaffer

Natalie is an actor from Bucks County, PA. She recently graduated from Wagner College. She loves singing, dancing, writing, and puppies.

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