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by NoturMami 4 months ago in performance poetry / surreal poetry / social commentary / slam poetry / nature poetry / inspirational / heartbreak / celebrities / art
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a trip to forget

I was sinking then floating

Looked at the faces around me discolored and sick

I looked at the trees

And they where whispering to me

But I couldn’t hear because the sound travels up

Clouding my true abilities

I see it but I don’t

I hear it but their noise is louder

They say this music puts them to sleep

I say they are asleep and refuse to wake up to the tune of their beautiful heart

Where the light lies


Ready for you if you should only reach in and ignite it.

A kind word here

A good deed there

Some consideration to self and others

Purity of body leads to purity of mind leads to heaven on earth

They all lied

The real death is Inside

Naked to the eyes

Beneficial to the eye

Turned inward to protect us all

performance poetrysurreal poetrysocial commentaryslam poetrynature poetryinspirationalheartbreakcelebritiesart

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people think im texting on my phone but im usually writing something in my notes. a food recipe. a poem. a thought about society. a love sick song that i never finish.

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Nice work

Very well written. Keep up the good work!

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