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Should've Kept Quiet

by Krissa Rinaldi 2 months ago in heartbreak
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a poetry reflecting on self esteem & feelings toward others

Should've Kept Quiet
Photo by Renè Müller on Unsplash

I used to tell my friends that whenever I’m talking to a guy, I always tell them that he’s nice. And I would say all the nice things he’s done for me, all the nice things he says to me, all the nice things I’ve never experienced with the other guys.

All my friends will tell me all the bad things about the guys and would tell me he’s not as nice as you think and to be careful. I always thought my friends just didn’t want me to be happy for me.

But they don’t understand me. They don’t understand who I’ve become and I’m starting to feel ashamed of myself.

Although I’m still this nice girl to the nice guy who I can’t stop talking about, I never realized how one day, I just stopped having all these giddy feelings for him.

How one day, I envy to seeing his name on my phone

How one day, I question why did they decide today to message me

And behind the phone, my friends won’t realize how depressed I'm feeling. And I thought they don’t want to see me get hurt? I thought they just wanted me to be happy?

I’m miserable but no one seems to cares


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Krissa Rinaldi

Hello: If you're finding my page, you either like to read books or write. I do both + photography :)

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