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She Wonders Why...

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She Wonders Why...

This is something for all you girls or guys, depending who is reading this, that are struggling with a relationship, friendship, or a crush. I mixed three raps by one of my favorite rappers into one and I made it into a writing type of thing. I think it is very helpful because it got me through my problems. It just reminds me I'm a bad bitch and I shouldn't let someone break me that easily. Hopefully it does the same for you...

"You ain't gotta love me. You ain't even gotta trust me. You ain't getting love from me and if you do, that makes you lucky. Anyone that I stayed there for turned around and just said fuck me. I already know the game, I know you love that girl, I know she all up in your brain. If I let myself love you, that would label me insane. You don't ever be around when I be walking through that rain, but I always held you down when you was going through that pain. For the fame, you want me for the pain. Ry he ain't no good leave him alone thats what they say, but I can't. I care about you so I check up on you everyday. And it kills me when you tell me you aint got no where to stay and every night when I get home I bow my head and then I pray because this is to real and the scary part is I don't know how you feel. So I write about it, and I ask you if you trust me but you cap about it cause I know you call your homies when you think about it you be like, and she wonders why I don't trust nobody not even her. And she wonders why I don't trust nobody not even her. I know that he hurt, I really know that it hurt cause when I met him he told me that he was going through the worst and he ain't have nobody cause he cheated on his first love. But it was all out of pain, and I don't blame him for a second because no one can't relate. He told me that he can't feel love, he can only feel the rain. That's the tears that he be crying after every single day. And I fell for him, but that ain't even half the reason why I'm here for him, I'm in love man. Thats why I'm telling you to chill with all these guns man. Thats why I'm telling you to stop with all these drugs man. You hide from yourself, a blunt to your face, it ain't good for yourself. Nobody ever took the time to listen to you and I see it in you. I see the hurt, I see the pain I see regrets too. If I see you doing bad you think i'll let you. But you don't want my love you just brush me off. You be calling up my phone and you be going off like, I don't trust nobody not even you.. and she wonders why. And now its been a month or two, and what I'm about to say is probably overdue because I'm over you. I declined your calls because I'm finished loving you. Wasn't it you that called the quits because this ain't mean a thing to you. I just kind of miss the thing you do, but i don' miss you though. I just kind of miss the way that we would click you know? The things that no one cared about I would want to know. Like how you cared about your curls more than you do your phone. Or how you don't really like to cry so you just stay alone, or stay at home. Unlike everybody else I seen the good in you. Even when you hit the bottom I believed in you. So this is all your fault because you thought I was deceiving you. I can't force no one to love me.. if I cried would you come hug me? And my world is never sunny, come and make my days bright. Or maybe we could go out have ourselves a date night.. cause I'm still your favorite girl no matter what they say right? Deep conversations on the phone like late night, and if you did come back this song would make you stay right?"

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