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She Became One With The Sky’s Constellation

by Colleen Millsteed about a month ago in surreal poetry
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For all the world to see

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She awakens to hearing her name whispered

When she realises it is the night stars calling,

She is bathed in her friend’s light, the moon

Their exciting glow and smiles enthralling.


Her bed is highlighted in their starry lights

Bursts of shades of pink and scattered greys,

And she listens closely as they whisper at her

As their words and light set her skin ablaze.


“Please do not try to convince me to hold on,

As I wish to let go of all that keeps me caged,”

She called up to her friends, asking for help

As she needs to unlock her shackled outrage.


She trusts the nightly moon and bright stars

Knowing they keep her darkest secrets hidden,

But she needs more from this unlikely friendship

Although she’s aware this friendship’s forbidden.


“Will I ever be able to clean off this dirty stain

Foreshadowing me from my haunting colours,”

She mournfully cries, hoping for a real solution

To remove the stains so her heart recovers.


“I need to return to the others waiting in the meadow

Those weary warriors that hold matching scars,

My kind that proudly display their horrid wounds

That are as deep as their dreams,” she tells the stars.


“From the meadow we’ll silently merge with the night

We will become one with the sky’s constellations,

Blended in beautiful friendship for all the world to see,”

She promises the moon we’ll be one in celebrations.


She begs for this to happen, pleading mournfully

Requesting the surrounding forest take up her plea,

Their answer is a quiet sigh, knowing she’d ask

But hoping instead she would wordlessly flee.


The moon and stars had become strangely silent

While the forest trees and nightly scattered clouds,

Watched as her requested morning colours shone

As the early natural mists covered her in shrouds.


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surreal poetry

About the author

Colleen Millsteed

I’ve written poetry most of my life, but never had the courage to publish my writing before. So here goes ........ I’m feeling the fear and doing it anyway (my motto in life).

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  • Rick Henry22 days ago

    One of you best. I like the way you weaved lines that could be a short story into the form of a poem. Very artful and original.

  • Oneg In The Arcticabout a month ago

    Great word choices and storytelling

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