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Shattered Pride

Stubborn Resistance

By OneWithPenPublished 6 months ago 1 min read

A sentiment is what's beholden, folded cards stuffed into a frame-broken.

How insensitive could vanity grow when a stage hasn't set a show?

Preemptive, he set his heart to forgive, yet blood-soaked dreams stirred a distraction in his waking life.

A value he set in stone crushed his hope, and his heart mirrored gravel with his pride trampled on, a dig at his humility.

A purchase won't claim victory, or that's what wisdom says, appealing to morality.

A desire without satiety seeks loopholes sinisterly by the temptress that is the world to the flesh.

Must I? Endure? Repeatedly? And breathe in and breathe out until death?!

Masquerades and charades? " Was I meant for the stage? " A coward in calm calls to me while-

Wisdom says, " Release your thoughts from your feet, take a step, and be brave. "

I'll listen to wisdom since pride can't save me.

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My imagination, our journey, and this world we call Earth. What shall we make of the time we have left here? Well, with my time I will give you many stories. Read with caution welcome Pen's page; good reading.

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