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Shattered Colours

the truth

By Oneg In The ArcticPublished 18 days ago 1 min read
Shattered Colours
Photo by Thyla Jane on Unsplash

But I

Am kaleidoscope blasting

Every image in sight


A rainbow of memories

Till all the pieces crack

Crack and crumble

There’s no sight in darkness

Only sound of the crack, the crumble

The smell of decay

The feel of emptiness

Sometimes I’m the flicker of light

Or the anti-arsonist of my own flame

It’s hard to always shine bright

Especially when depression echoes blame

But I

Am Kaleidoscope blasting

Every action etched in meaning

Etched in skin

My veins a map to every corner

Store it all deep inside

Storing myself in every place I’ve tried to hide

Sometimes plain sight painted red


Wallpaper pasted on too (fuck) thick

The glue dribbles down

A reminder of how it all just leaks out of me

Sometimes I’m all patches

Haphazardly stuck together

Pieces that don’t quite fit

In a space too big for my own liking

A loud voice to mask the smallness I feel

The distance I place

Between myself and my own skin

Outstretched panic

Trapped in the inside of pink bubble gum

Blow me away

Like the leaves of a tree that just had to let go

Let me go

So I can drift across the twinkled lights

Of a kaleidoscope in motion


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About the Creator

Oneg In The Arctic

A storyteller and poet of arctic adventures, good food, identity, mental health, and more.

Water is Life ✊

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Comments (9)

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  • Mariann Carroll14 days ago

    Awesome 😎

  • Heather Hubler15 days ago

    Wow, this was so emotional and raw. The imagery was really intense. These lines really stuck out to me, 'Sometimes I’m all patches Haphazardly stuck together Pieces that don’t quite fit In a space too big for my own liking' Amazing work!

  • Soooo much emotions in all your lines! Brilliant job! I loved this poem!

  • Lamar Wiggins16 days ago

    "The anti-arsonist of my own flame" was literally on🔥. I loved this line as well as the entire piece. Well done. Hearted and subscribed.

  • Daniel Jeyaraman17 days ago

    The emotions, the art. Good one, Oneg. I have subscribed, hearted, commented, and provided my insights for your poem. ❤️

  • I never thought about what a kaleidoscope becomes once it's shattered. Very insightful.

  • Holly Pheni17 days ago

    Gorgeous and such relatable emotion.

  • Gina C.17 days ago

    So beautifully done; a collision of color and emotion. 😍

  • Cathy holmes18 days ago

    There's so much imagery and emotion here. Gorgeous piece. Well done.

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