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Shadows of the Urban Night

A Glimpse into the Lives of Street Children

By Wishorizon76Published about a month ago 1 min read
Shadows of the Urban Night
Photo by mohammad samir on Unsplash

In the streets they roam, shadows of the night,
Children of the pavement, hidden from sight.
Their laughter echoes in the alleyways dim,
In their eyes, a glimmer, though life may be grim.

With dirty faces and tattered clothes,
They navigate the city, where nobody knows.
Their dreams soar high, like kites in the sky,
Yet reality binds them, as time passes by.

They forge their bonds in the concrete jungle,
Where survival is key, and hope is a struggle.
But within their hearts, a fire burns bright,
For they are the warriors of the urban plight.

Through hardship and pain, they find their way,
In the labyrinth of streets, where they play.
Their innocence lost, yet resilience found,
In the world of the street, where silence resounds.

So let us not forget, the children unseen,
For in their struggle, lies a story keen.
Of strength, of courage, and of love,
In the hearts of the children, who roam the streets above.


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Nice work

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  • Flamance @ lit.30 days ago

    Nice work

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