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Shadow People

Those who cast doubt on our soul

By Crystal RaePublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 1 min read
Shadow People
Photo by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash

These people, who are most comfortable during the night

Always the first ones to slander others in an attempt to create a fight

Acting all perfect, unable to see their own flaws

Expectations of others to live only by their insanely stupid laws

The ones made up to suit their needs

Fueled by selfishness and petty greed

Pointing fingers toward those that are on their own track

The honest and authentic, who have no interest in looking back

Why would they?

The future to them is unmolded and not based on what others may think or say...

Such a freeing life and yet, a focus of many who yearn to see them fail

Speaking poorly of anyone who is not afraid to wander off the path of life

Creating their own unique trail

As unfair as it seems... one day it will no longer matter

For the good in you will continue to shine bright

While the world the shadow people have created will eventually shatter

So walk in your light...

Sing your songs at full blast

For the world of lies they have crated is something that cannot last

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Crystal Rae

My heart bleeds black and white for you to read like an open book... so don't be shy... take a look!

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