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Shades of Sovereignty

by Rania DiBacco about a year ago in inspirational
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A Story of Art

On the journey of love

She allows herself to bloom.

But the color of her petals

One should never assume.

She’s a fierce flow

That awakens a weary heart.

Delicate, yet strong

A story of art.

Untamed like the wind

No color can portray

The storm roaring within

Unless you love gray.

Witness her magic

Before you blink.

She once was gray

But now, she's pink.

While dancing in the pain

Her heart softly said,

“Even when I’m broken

My love still beats red.”

Collecting pieces of herself

Within her ocean blue.

A shattered piece of art

Being perfected with glue.

Slowly forgiving her flaws

She paints her canvas white.

No longer chasing perfection,

As a sinful angel of light.

Vulnerably surrendered.

Mastering emotional seas.

She found freedom in love

Down on her knees.

Confident like the sun.

A yellow spirit spark.

Rectifying her shadow,

Illuminating the dark.

Flames of courage inspire

A Blazing Phoenix Flower.

Leaving only a crown of gold

As she steps into her power.

Looking back on the journey

Once confined by colorless scars

She thanks the hardships

Launching her to the stars.

She is ...

A story to read.

A flower that blooms.

Art to be seen.

She’s A Sovereign Queen.


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Rania DiBacco

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