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Set of Tricks

by Keegan Roembke 3 years ago in surreal poetry
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And with a slight motion of the hand, I trick myself into laughing.

if you look at it correctly, you'll laugh.

small talk


with a stranger

I met on the street.

leading off with

a question for

the man with smelly

feet. asked him why

he’d rather die

than speak with me right

there. leaving now with

a frown left by

his amused stare.

Her Majesty, Lady Bug

cigarettes under the tree

in a hidden nook

the ladybug on my hand

beginning her book

she reads a few lines,

pausing for suspense

drowning me in our complex,

mortal synthesis


I hear what you’re saying

but do I believe?

oh how I wish I could see on her sleeve.

I smell your perfume and I see your dark locks

but sometimes I feel I’ve been put in a box.

I ask myself questions but what can I say?

the answer will still be the same today.

-Keegan R.T. Roembke

surreal poetry

About the author

Keegan Roembke

I am a poet? and I didn't even know it??

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